Union 55 Rum – Infused with Sea Salt & Botanicals for a fuller flavour

A real & honest approach

We love rum, for what it is but also for what it could be. Through passion and experience we’ve created a new take on rum, one that is real, honest and completely natural. MORE

A touch of Añana sea salt

Its great purity and high mineral content ensure it perfectly compliments the rich flavours of our rum. MORE

For Moments that Unite

Made for discovery, sharing and together time with your closest friends.

Casual, Long & over Ice

The  perfect union of fruit and soda, with a light touch of Union 55 rum to give you a flavourful & eminently sipable Long Drink.


A shot of Union in a tall glass packed with ice cubes. Squeezed lime and mint topped with non-alc ginger beer.  


Union 55 poured over ice filled with Pink Grapefruit Soda. Served with a large grapefruit wedge.

Try Union 55 Rum

Let us help you find your way to your first bottle, bar and drink.

Infused for 55 days to create that signature flavour

We infuse our Cask-Aged Barbados rum with the finest botanicals
rounded off with a touch of Añana Sea Salt to create the signature full flavours for our rum.


If you want to stock Union 55 in your bar, bottle shop, or if you want to recommend a bar for us to visit. Drop us a line.