Driven by an ambition to introduce a contemporary, real and honest approach to rum tapping into the full flavour potential of rum.
Without pretention or illusions, we look beyond tradition to introduce a rum like no other – complex, distinctive, and eminently drinkable. The perfect union of land and sea.

Ruben Maduro


I was basically born into cocktails and mixed drinks. Over the years I worked in some of the world’s best bars. Along the way I discovered that I was quite good at creating cocktail recipes and unusual but intriguing flavour combinations, winning several international competitions before educating thousands of bartenders about spirits, botanicals and flavour.

It was then that I realised there was something missing behind the bar in terms of rum. I just couldn’t understand why all rums are so sweet, artificially flavoured and who ever thought that pirate themed parties were a good idea?

That resulted into a mission to transform the category by introducing a contemporary, real and honest approach to rum. One with a focus on unparalleled full flavour and exploring new ways of enjoying it.





Rogier Post

Brand Ambassador Netherlands

Absolutely passionate about hospitality and gastronomy, Rogier is packed with years of experience working in multiple segments of the bar and restaurant industry. He’s now joined the Union to strengthen the position of Union55 rum in the Amsterdam area.






Koen Opperman Union 55

Koen Opperman

Marketing X Events

Koen has joined the team as a true allrounder. Keeping busy with events, marketing and activations. Having worked in top hotels and restaurants he’s a true F&B specialist. Now exploring new ways of enjoying rum.






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