Driven by an ambition to introduce a real and honest approach to spiced rum using only the finest natural ingredients.
Without pretention or illusions, we look beyond tradition to introduce a rum like no other – complex, distinctive, and eminently drinkable. The perfect union of land and sea.

Ruben Maduro


Partly grown up in the Dutch Caribbean, Ruben naturally developed a passion for quality rums. However, disappointed with the majority of spiced rums, which are nowadays often overly-sweet and artificially-flavoured with vanilla, cinnamon and citrus aromatics.

It woke up an ambition in him to bring a real and honest approach to spiced rum, using only the finest natural ingredients.






Jamie Grimshaw

Brand Ambassador

Jamie started his career working in high end cocktail bars in Manchester after moving to Bristol where he quickly climbed the ranks. With a passion for quality drinks he eventually moved to The Urban Standard where he worked as a general manager before moving to Amsterdam. Being part of a thriving cocktail scene in the UK and now in Amsterdam has only made him more passionate about the unending possibilities and options the bar industry brings.







Rogier Post

Account Manager Amsterdam

Absolutely passionate about hospitality and gastronomy, Rogier is packed with years of experience working in multiple segments of the bar and restaurant industry. He’s now joined the Union to strengthen the position of Union55 rum in the Amsterdam area.






Iman Lammering

Brand Ambassador Rotterdam

Born in a hospitality family, Iman, experienced and learned about the industry from an early age. After nearly 11 years in the industry, she worked her way up from waitress, to bartender, to bar manager to festival/event coordinator. Meanwhile she got drawn in to the world of cocktails, which rapidly became one of her biggest passions. Being a brand ambassador for Union 55 in Rotterdam, allows her to express herself on a creative level, as well as staying connected to the industry. Excited to start her new “rum adventure” she can’t wait to get rid of all the clichés revolving rum.







Are you as passionate about rum as we are?

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