To help fund our start-up, we’ve auctioned the first 55 bottles to our bartender friends. Thanks to these guys, now known as the ‘first 55’, we’ve been able to kick-start Union 55, and start selling it to bars.

Starting from scratch

Starting from scratch, it has taken us over 18 months to perfect a recipe, that would result in smoother, well-balanced spiced rum.  Our mission to bring a real and honest approach to spiced rum led us to extracting flavour from over 30 different spices, and ending up with a rum that contains only 5. Inspired by the ways of which top michelin star chefs and world-class chocolatiers use salt to enhance flavours in dishes, and balance sweet flavours. We’ve tried to create a completely new take on spiced rum.

Be part of our history

If you like quality rums as much as we do, we invite you to own your very own first bottle of Union55. In order to give us the strength we need to successfully launch our brand, we’re selling the first 55 bottles in a special edition ex-army munition case. This symbolizes the ammunition your purchase will give us to hit the market. In short; a special edition bottle costs €100,- of which €45 is the standard price for a bottle, and €55,- will be the premium for being one of the first55.

Order one here by sending us an email with your contact details.

Thanks for being first.


We are extremely proud of our first 55 members, now officially owning one of our f first55 bottles.

Sandy Thiecke

Jordi Wiegerink

Xander Hoose

Wolter de Bes

Annemieke & Koen

Pank van Overbeek

Bar planet

Roel Oude Avenhuis

Jurien Piekaar

Marco van Buuren

SeongHa Lee

Ditmar Oostmeijer

Bart van den Heuvel

Fejioa – David

David Maduro

Frederik Kampman

Thijs Doe

Yoeri Luteijn

Claire Bence

Anna Zawalska


Ferdi Maduro

Gijs Van ‘t Hullenaar

Anna Honingh

Cally Yang

Ming Chao

Bianca Blom

Lars van Sermond

European Bar School

Jeffrey Fokkema

Ernst Cremer

Maurice Overbeke

Eric, Hylke & Danny

Ruben Seur

Sergej Fokke

Sandjay Delvalle

Jelle Boer

Bram Sneijders

Bols Bartending Academy

Fjalar & Misja

Karim El Bouazzati

Dillan van Heusden

Wesley Buitenhuis

Jan Willem

Christiaan de Boer

Julius Karlson

Ivar de Lange

Richard Remi

Wijnbar & Tapperij Den Olifant

Iente Boer

Join the Union

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If you want to stock Union 55 in your bar, bottle shop, or if you want to recommend a bar for us to visit. Drop us a line.