A select blend of cask-aged British style rum,  distilled in family-owned distillery in Barbados. We combine this with the finest natural spices from across the World. These spices add complex flavour and character through a delicate extraction process, which takes precisely 55 days to complete.






Distilled in a family owned distillery in Barbados. For the most part this rum has been aged in charred American oak, and a small portion in cherry casks. This gives the rum a deliciously smooth finish.

The master distiller uses a combination of traditional copper pot distillation and revolutionary distillation methods such as the vacuum column.  The vacuum column is used to create a high quality and consistent distillate. It enables the distiller to create a very precise cut between the heads, hearts and tails of the run. This reduces the amount of impurities present in the final product.

Union 55 Rum barrels

Our cask-aged Barbados rum adds deep notes of buttery molasses and rich vanilla oak.



We source our spices with two essential criteria; quality and taste. We take pride in going to great lengths to get the best. Thankfully we have help from our friends at Jacob Hooy, the oldest spice store in Amsterdam (and quite possibly the western world.) In the 270 years since it was founded, Jacob Hooy has grown to be the go-to place for quality and knowledge of all things spice related. Their wisdom regarding fruits, flowers, roots and seeds has been passed on from one generation to another and we fully trust them to provide us with the best ingredients.

union55 rum cacao up close


Prunus dulcis  – Rosaceae (Rose Family)

We use almonds from California, USA. This type of almond is known to add a delightful honeyed nuttiness to the rum. Since the time of the renaissance, an age of great discovery, many distillers started to soak nuts in brandy. The use was primarily medicinal, but additional effect of softening the edges of the brandy did not go unnoticed. By using almonds in Union 55 we smoothen the Rum and add a slightly sweeter tone.

ALERGY ALERT: Union55 is hand-infused with natural almonds: There are traces of nuts and thereof in this rum.


Elettaria cardamomum – Zingiberaceae (ginger Family)

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice after saffron and vanilla. It’s painstakingly hard to harvest, comes from afar, but its definitely worth all the effort.. By adding it to our rum it adds a deep warming flavour. The Mysore derivative that we use is warmer and spicier, and brings out citrus and floral notes. The high levels of linalool and linalyl acetate add a floral fragrance. According to Japanese scientists these compounds reduce stress… Who knew you could make a rum even more laid back?

Union 55 Rum vanilla from madagascar


Vanilla Planifolia – orchidaceae (orchid family)

Vanilla is arguably the most expensive spice on the market. A heavily laborious and intricate process is needed to get the distinguishing vanilla flavours from the tiny pod. Mostly grown in Madagascar, it blooms from a flower related to the orchid.

The flavour of vanilla is extremely complex. It contains over a hundred volatile compounds and has notes of wood, leather, dried fruits, herbs and spices rounded out by the sweetness of vanillin.


Syzycium aromaticum – Myrtaceae (myrtle family)

Cloves are neither fruits nor seeds. They are in fact tightly closed flower buds that have been plucked from an Indonesian tree and sundried. It’s a spice that has been traded for centuries.

It is known to be great in combination with other spices, and it intensifies the flavours of the vanilla and adds a level of complexity to the citrus. It’s a great supporting flavour in the Rum.

Geeky fact: during the golden age (16th -17th century) the Dutch were known to cut down the clove trees on all the islands they owned in an attempt to control the market.



Theobroma cacao – Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Cacao grows close to the equator, and was first discovered in Guatemala by the Spanish when they were looking for gold. Instead of gold they found chocolate, the next best thing (or should we say better?). These dried, roasted and cracked cacao beans add a rich and full taste to the rum.

Just as is done in the production of chocolate, we let the beans mellow to allow richer and more complex flavours to emerge before macerating them for 55 days.


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