Union 55 rum salt water

Our organic Añana salt is sourced from an ancient sea bed, where waters ran over 230 Million years ago. Its great purity and high mineral content ensure it perfectly compliments the natural sweetness of our rum.

Union 55 rum from the sea




We use a premium organic salt which is high in minerals and much more delicate compared to standard salt. Blending Añana salt with our rum enhances the mouthfeel and gives a tingling salt sensation. The salt further helps to harmonise all the flavours and further amplifies the key notes.

The salt used in Union55 comes from the Salt Valley (Valle Salado) in the town of Salinas de Añana (Basque Country), Spain. This salt spring is safeguarded by Unesco as a world heritage site. It’s the only place in the world where salt is still being extracted the way the Romans did thousands of years ago. The purity of this salt is unparalleled since it comes from an ancient sea from over 230 million years ago. It the salt of choice for Top-Michelin star chefs and World-class chocolatiers.

Union 55 rum salt being extracted in salt valley
Union 55 Rum salt production in Spain


The salt processing time varies each year depending on weather conditions. It usually starts in May and ends in September. From this month the long nights slow the evaporation process and the continuous rains spoil the little salt obtained.

During the remaining months salineros perform recovery work and maintenance of the salt ahead of the production season. In the module packaging, packaging machines work all year to clean, package and label the salt.

Union 55 rum being sourced
Union 55 Rum salt being produced by salineros

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