Our perfect summer: A few kick-ass activations,
long summer serves and a series of foodie events

A wise man once said, a great brand isn’t launched, its build. Not sure who this man was, or where I found the quote… but looking back one year between the day we launched and now, this saying is starting to make sense. Going from new kid on the block, to Amsterdam rum brand introducing a contemporary real and honest approach to rum.

It’s this mission to transform the rum category which got us working on a few kick-ass activations including those long summer serves and a series of foodie events uniting Kitchen & Bar.

Join me for a quick preview on what is yet to come.

Cheers Ruben

Union in the Kitchen

Union in the kitchen is a series of foodie events collaborating with top chefs and their restaurant. During these culinary driven events
we want to reach rums full flavour potential and explore new ways of enjoying it. An experience that unites Kitchen & Bar, that unites Land & Sea.


Join us as at the chefs table during our first Union in the Kitchen event at Restaurant C in Amsterdam.
Be among the first and drop us an email to register your interest. Tickets will be on sale from 30/6/2018

Event: Land & Sea Culinary Experience –  by Arnout Van Der Kolk
Date: 11-8-2018
Location: Restaurant C Amsterdam

London Sessions

At TT liquor London, we had a chance to share our story with the crew at
TT Liquor, one of the finest cocktail bars, bottle shops, and cocktail hubs in East London.

Read full article here>>>

We’ve also had a chance to sit down with Martin Bilsborough.
Former editor from Sipped TV who asked me a few questions about Union 55 and our plans for the UK.

Long Summer Serves

Delicious new recipes; Simple long drinks served in stemmed copa glasses or highball  that can be made by anyone and appeal to everyone.

Discover new recipes here>>>

The Union lounge

A series of interviews, talks and thoughts with flavour expoerts discussing the union of botany, culinary exploration, flavour and drinks. For our first edition We visited one of our favourite cocktail bar in Amsterdam – The Flying Dutchmen cocktails with World Renowned bartenders Timo Jansen and Tess Posthumus.

Read full interview here>>>

Union 55 rum at flying dutchmen cocktials

Upcoming events

22/6/2018       Cocktail Escape Room @ Juniper & Kin

5/7/2018         Cocktail Escape Room @ Wigbolt Haarlem

12/7/2018       Master Class – Sensation of Saltiness in Drinks @ Amsterdams Proeflokaal

27/7/2018       The Union Bar @ Mama Makan

11/8/2018       Union in the Kitchen @ Restaurant C


If you want to stock Union 55 in your bar, bottle shop, or if you want to recommend a bar for us to visit. Drop us a line.

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