If you would have asked any start-up brand owner which countries they would want to start exporting to, few would have Aruba on top of their list. However, as this Island is a special one, we’re happy to announce the arrival of Union 55 in Aruba. Thanks to Patrick Boma from Boma wines Union 55 will be available in select Arubian bars and restaurants as of this week.


*Here’s a few words from Ruben and why we’re proud to have Aruba as our first international market… 


To the untrained eye, Aruba is just a tiny island with just over 100.000 inhabitants living on a piece of land stretching close to 180km2 surrounded by white sandy beaches. To me it feels like home…

Partly grown up on the Island, and worked at some amazing bars on the island (Bugaloe, Moomba Beach, Sopranos and the Marriott), I feel connected to the island. Today, most of my family still lives in Aruba, and I’ve been going back and forth between the Netherlands and Aruba pretty much all my life.


Growing up I found it fascinating to talk to my dad about the Islands nature, history, and to learn more about our family living on the island for over 200 years.

One of the stories that stayed with me over the years is one starring my great grand father. During the great crisis in the early 20th century, Santiago “Pajok” Tromp  started a sailing business to improve conditions for his family and take matters into his own hands.  Trying to progress the situation back home, he started sailing his triple mast “Gracia Maria” to other islands in the Caribbean like Cuba. The type of ship he used, known as a Brik, were commonly used to trade Aruba Aloe and transporting workers. On their voyages they often brought back local goods, including delicious Cuban Rum.

(Image: a 1910’s brik sailing ship entering the port in Havana Cuba)

Today almost a century ago, in a way, it feels like I’m stepping into his footsteps, shipping rum to the island once again… But for now I’m very much looking forward seeing Union 55 on the back bar in some of the local bars and restaurants.

Thank you all for your support, for reading and for joining us on our journey, feel free to hit a comment or get in touch if you want to talk some more.

Cheers Ruben

*Union 55 will only be available through Boma Wines, we ask you to get in touch with Patrick@bomawines.com directly to arrange an introduction.

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