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If after reading this vacancy, you’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t the job for you, but you’re still keen to join the Union?

Don’t worry, there is still a chance! At Union 55 we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join the team. Drop us a message to find out about more job opportunities.

Please make sure to add your CV and Motivation.


What do you have?

  • Bachelor thinking level
  • Eye for detail
  • Resource full approach
  • Drivers licence B
  • Residence Amsterdam area
  • IT skills

You have a creative and innovative mind, and you posses an entrepreneurial drive that likes to organize and plan for performance. You’re a fun, open-minded person and know how to get sh*t done.

What will you get?

  • Internship fee
  • 40 hour flexible workweek
  • Internship period for 6 months
  • Personal training path
  • Be part of a dynamic fast growing start-up
  • Loads of high fives & rum (Friday after work)

You’re going to experience the joys of being part of a dynamic start-up brand. We offer an all-round marketing & events internship with on the job training & coaching. And if you kick-ass even possibilities to grow with the company.

What will you do?


As a Marketing & Events intern, you’ll become the driving force behind Union 55 in action during events. From creative concepting, the development of promotional materials, planning, and event management; you will do it all.

You will be responsible for the coordination of brand activities, and you will take on a sales support role. In the latter, you will join the brand ambassadors in creating original and effective in-store activations.

As a bonus, you’re going to act as a true media-outreach champion. By communicating all our moves in the market, and finding ways to increase our social presence you will take Union to the next level.


Last week you met up with a brand manager in charge of a craft-soda brand. They have been focussing mostly on day-time drinking, and now want to partner with Union 55 and focus on evening consumption. Together with the brand manager, and Union 55 Brand ambassadors, you have decided which drinks to activate during in-store activations. But what’s your next move?

As a marketing & events intern, you are responsible for concepting, organization and management of activations and events.
The following week, you will start to work on a proposal for these in-store activations. You will liaise with the Union 55 brand ambassadors and create a list of potential accounts to approach. You will work out a basic manual, social media promotion deck, and work out the costing. Once approved you will start the execution of these events.

What is our purpose?

As true rum fanatics, we have been disappointed with the the majority of spiced rums, which are nowadays heavily sweetened and artificially flavoured with vanilla and spice aromatics.

It woke up an ambition in us to bring a real and honest approach to spiced rum using only the finest natural ingredients.

Union 55 distantiates itself from traditional rum brands– no sailors, pirates, tropical beaches or old family stories! Instead, Union 55 follows a trajectory similar to that of the craft beer or newly-revived gins, while avoiding the artisanal clichés (no big beards, flannel shirts etc)

There’s an emphasis on taste, quality, and discovery.

-Ruben Maduro

To rejuvenate the Rum category, by challenging the old ways and to re-imagine what rum could be.”



On the best days, I get ready for an event scheduled for that night. Making sure we are ready with the preparation, check if all the attendees are confirmed, talking to the venue to go over the final details. During the event, its all about serving original rum drinks.

Working at Union 55

During your internship period you will join a young, fast growing rum brand based in the heart of Amsterdam. This all-round internship will involve marketing, communication, organisational and entrepreneurial skills. Here are some key facts about the brand. 


We have successfully launched Union in the Dutch market. Since the launch, last April, we’ve achieved listings in 100+ of the best bars in the Netherlands.

Gap in the market

A distinctive and highly differentiated brand and product proposition, ready to exploit the growing momentum within the premium rum market.

Committed team

Union 55 is led by a passionate and entrepreneurial management team, with 20+ years’ experience across the, bar industry, global FMCG, and start-up businesses.


Although we started Union 55 from scratch, we recently completed a crowdfunding campaign. This has set the brand up to start venturing in new markets. Backed by hundreds, we’ve raised 100K in a record 20 days. 

International Brand

Union 55 is an international brand, and is currently available in 3 markets, and is about to enter 5 more markets in 2018.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam

Our head office is located in the heart of Amsterdam, this central location offers a range of neighbouring cafe’s and bars.

Brand Basics

The Perfect Union of Land & Sea

Drinks Strategy

A selection of Cocktails & Highballs served in bars.

Union 55 Crew

Meet the team behind Union 55.

Meet Ruben

Having worked behind bars for 12 years I have seen the bar industry evolve, and consumer demand for quality & craft spirits increase across the board.


Partly grown up in the Caribbean, I naturally developed a passion for quality rums. However, I’ve been disappointed with the majority of spiced rums, which are nowadays often overly-sweet and artificially-flavoured with vanilla, cinnamon and citrus aromatics.

“It woke up an ambition in me to bring a real and honest approach to spiced rum, using only the finest natural ingredient.”

– Ruben Maduro

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