“One that wants to fly one day, must learn to walk and run first.” – Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

As part of our Union Lounge articles, we’re proud to share one of our favourite cocktails made at World (in)famous Flying Dutchmen Cocktails in Amsterdam.

Union 55 rum at flying dutchmen cocktials

The Bar

The Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, opened its doors December 2017 by World renowned bartenders Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse. Now known as one of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam, this cozy venue offers the perfect environment for anyone who fancies a crafty drink. And let’s not forget their impressive back bar housing over 600 different bottles and brands.


The Menu

To truly enjoy cocktails, one should know the classics. “One that wants to fly one day, must learn to walk and run first” is what Nietzsche said in the 19th century. This philosophy is entirely interwoven in The Flying Dutchmen’s cocktail menu. Their menu takes you from the 1920’s original creations towards modern twists on these classics.

The Drink

The Pineapple Daiquiri is obviously a twist on the early 1900 classic Daiquiri cocktail, which consists of nothing more than (white)rum, lime and sugar. The Pineapple Daiquiri is a Flying Dutchmen signature containing the wonderful barbecue pineapple syrup. To get a full and caramelized flavor, pineapple slices are grilled before they are juiced. Together with the salty element of Union55 Rum, this creates an amazing flavor experience!

Visit The Flying Dutchmen Cocktails at Singel 460, 1017 AW Amsterdam

They’re open every day from 17:00 – 04:00

Recipe credits: Tess Posthumus


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